Political Conferences and lecture


• Bahrain Electoral Training Forum
• First training forum to prepare leaders and enterprise
• Gulf Confederation.
• The future of the Arabian Peninsula under colonial ambitions.
• Women's political empowerment.
• Orphans and the common future in the light of social responsibility.
• Disability and the challenge of hope and determination.
• Hamad Prize for Science and Innovation.
• The woman between empowerment and reluctance.
• Program of political debates for candidates for parliamentary elections.
• Conference of the Center for Studies and Research and Political Science.
• Diploma of Political Science in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics
and Political Science.
• Political initiatives.
• Collective meeting of political associations.
• Media activity and establishment of new identity.


Quality Conferences


• International Renewable Energy Investment Forum in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
• Maritime Transport Industry Conference.
• Arab Media Forum.
• Commercial Arbitration Conference.
• Protocol and Etiquette Conference


Youth Conferences and Seminars


• Arab Youth Ambassadors Conference
• Youth conference and the challenges of globalization
• Conference on intellectual security and the future of advocacy
• Awareness-raising charity conference
• First Gulf Arab Youth Conference
• The Arab Regional Forum for Volunteerism


Psychological conferences


• Special Education Conference
• Elderly Psychology Conference
• Women's Conference


Protocol and Etiquette Conferences


• Diplomatic woman protocol
• The art of politics
• Sensory psychology
• Psychological analysis of the eye
• The psychology of love and happiness
• Community Happiness Industry
• DNA charisma