The general objectives of the establishment

Business Administration


1. Effective contribution in the construction and preparation of distinctive qualified human cadres, and prioritizing the Bahraini GCC, the first choice in the field of employment.
2. Design and implementation of training programs and conferences, seminars, workshops,
scientific and applied research in the fields of the center's work, whether actual or
lecture halls, through the electronic remote.
3. Provision of administrative and technical consultancy in the fields of human resource manage ment and development of organizations.
4. Provision of strategic planning and giving the feedback.
5. Preparation and implementation of management of information systems “MIS “programs.


Concepts of quality


1. Provision of technical consultancy, administration in the establishment and management of quality systems and certification for all institutions and companies.
2. Creation of training and rehabilitation centers to support the development of human and
institutional capacity building in the fields of training and quality assurance.
3. Re-building and establishment of companies, institutions and specialized building management systems accroding to the highest quality and administrative regulations are adopted internationally, such as: Kaizen, ISO.
4. Improvement of performance by employing digital technology, quality concepts and
applications of modern management in contemporary project management.
5. Correction of wrong practices and misconceptions about the theories of management and
quality systems in the Arab region.
6. Rehabilitation experts and specialists in professional management and quality systems and consulting.
7. Rooting the science of management and quality consulting and linked to the culture and identi ty of Arab, Islamic.


Intellectual Property


1. Provision of innovative solutions in intellectual property, in order to preserve the rights of others.
2. Protection of intellectual property rights and marketing it as a cultural pioneer in the Arab world and spreading the culture of intellectual property in order to preserve the rights of others.


Organizational Behavior harmonic


1. Cooperation and exchange of experiences with local, regional and global areas of work in the center.
2. Transfer the latest professional administrative practices of the Arab region with Arab hands and expertise .
3. To become a professional umbrella for contemporary administrative and quality systems profes sionals at the level of the Arab region.
4. Providing Arab citizens with the latest systems, methods and theories of global training in order to be able to compete internationally.
5. Installing the principles of excellence and innovation for political decision-makers.
6. Support all scientific research activities as a means of supporting decision-makers.
7. Development of local research staff in the Gulf to help in promoting the scientific research.