Programs & training courses


1. Strategic Planning.
2. Risk Management Programs.
3. Management &Development Programs.
4. Human Resources Programs.
5. Project Management.
6. Quality Management Programs "ISO".
7. Management Information Systems Software.
8. Human Resources Information Systems.
9. Economic Feasibility Studies of Projects.
10. Internal Audit Programs.
11. Accounting Salesman Programs.
12. Islamic and Traditional Investment Programs.
13. Lawyer Programs.
14. Sales ,Marketing Customer Server Certified Programs.
15. Customer Care Programs.
16. Public Relations and Media Certified Programs.
17. Protocol Programs.
18. Secretary Programs.
19. Executive Administration Offices.
20. Safety and Security program..


PR & Media Training Courses


• Psychology of political media.
• Psychology of the people.
• Psychology of personality.
• Psychology of minds management.
• Psychology of psychoanalysis.
• Psychology of persuasion and psychological impact.
• Psychology of modeling.
• Psychology of the media.
• Psychology of crisis management.
• Psychology of colors.
• Psychology of reading lines.
• Strategic Planning for Public Relations.
• Preparation of management plans and public relations sections.
• Contemporary theories and applications of public relations.
• Education modeling “Acting public relations models practitioner.”
• Practical applications of communication theories “theory and practice".
• Building a mental image and reputation management.
• Communicative skills and practices of professional contemporary practitioners of public relations.
• Effects of social, economic and political public relations.
• Internal corporate communication strategies for organizations.
• Preparation of the Spokesman, “media spokesman," and media skills and ways to deal with the media for public relations.



Specialized courses


1. Professional and Specialized Team Building.
2. Leadership Skills.
3. Strategic Planning for Administrative Leaders.
4. Strategic planning of the administrative leadership Supervisory Leadership Skills for Managers  and Assistant Managers.
5. Follow-up Skills and Professional Evaluation of Projects.