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Eng. Amira EL Hassan (CEO Message)

From the kingdom of Bahrain We have set up an Arab Gate Expos Est "AGE" for Public Relation, conferences Management and exhibitions according to deep and thoughtful, our target is establishing an Arab commercial umbrella to support the ideas of young inventors and provide them with a pioneering scientific platform through which they can reach universality. Since our goal is not linked to geographical boundaries , we have established several branches in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Italy, London and the Arab Republic of Egypt since the beginning of the year. The rest is on the way to you, so that we can be the closest to achieving your dreams on the ground.
In the midst of the changing digital world, we have established several alliances with companies, organizations and European and Arab destinations, in order to transfer leading expertise in the fields of training, consultancy and events, taking into account a timeline for a qualitative Arab shift in our specialized activities. we hope that , in the light of international political changes, we will be united and strive to impose a leading entity in these fields . It is an Arab invitation; I salute it from Manama; the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the warm capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the love to cooperate in joint Arab business, far away from profits and financial transactions ... our goal is pioneering and bright work in a new Arab pattern. We are allies of all companies, organizations, bodies and youth, with no restrictions but development for the common Arab entity, and we support all development projects in the Arab world with a leading team of professors from Arab and international universities. And we will meet soon in the global outlook targeted for human happiness Accept my greetings .

Professional Training

AGE is An institution with limited liability taking the Kingdom of Bahrain as its base, "specialized in professional training and consultancy in several areas.


1- Corporate communications
2- Management systems
3- Quality system
4- Educational consultations
5- Public relations

Organizing events & international conferences , local recruitment consultancy in local & international companies according to the latest professional practices in contemporary world, and works" , the Arab Gate Expos "AGE" works in the Middle East, North Africa and some European countries.

We enjoy being agents of some of the oldest Egyptian, Arab and European universities as well as our precedence for the sole franchisee of the Royal Institute of British public relations in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Center has implemented a number of large management projects for major institutions and companies in the Gulf region during the last period, and we make our way in silence to be one of the most important companies in areas of consulting and training in the region and we take: "the Arab aspiration of tomorrow" as our slogan.

What we offer

We offer the full spectrum of services to help organizations work better. Everything from creating standards of excellence to training your people to work in more effective ways, assessing how you’re doing, and helping you perform even better in future. Very few others do this, and none have been doing it as long as we have.


Design and implementation of exhibitions – local, regional and international of special features.


Holding international conferences with foreign partners to acquire technical skills and high levels of quality.


Marketing and finding investors for new ideas, concluding business deals and resolving disputes including commercial disputes.


Creation of training and rehabilitation
centers to support the development of
human and institutional capacity building
in the fields of training and
quality assurance.

Public Relations

Dealing with Gulf issues either locally or internationally & offering scientific discussions using the methods of statistical analysis & proposing scientific solutions appropriate to them.


Design & implementation of training programs & conferences, seminars, workshops, scientific & applied research in the field of the center's work, whether actual or lecture halls, through the electronic remote.

Our Team

Eng Amira Al Hasan
CEO Arab Gate Expos
Dr. Mohd Talat A.aziz
Managing Director
Alanoud Ali Abdulla
PR Manager
Mohammed Sheraz

Up coming Events

We offer you many events during 2019 and 2020 that you can take a look at

Access to Gulf Market

Heart of the Gulf: Quick and easy access to the Gulf’s growth markets – by road, air and sea

Legal Framework

The region’s most liberal business environment: No corporate income tax, No personal income tax, No wealth tax on capital gain, No withholding tax, and free repatriation of capital

Track Record

Regional Pioneer: Long track record as a modern international business economy

Educated Workforce

Educated and skilled workforce:
Bi-lingual, highly skilled and educated workforce at costs competitive with other countries in the GCC region